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We are a user-centered design agency. We design functionally beautiful digital and brand experiences that engage today’s consumer. Through inspired design, we build meaningful and profitable relationships between brands and consumers. At Rareview, we believe in creating products that are exceedingly functional and visually appealing — we call it functionally beautiful.

Genre Focus:

food and drink, utilities, social networking


Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Illustrator


  • Oracle

    We worked with Oracle to design their Social Network app over a 3 year period. Over that time, we worked on many variations and provided over 1,500 design assets.This project was very complex. When we started working with Oracle we began by creating flow documents to organize how the app was going to work.

  • staffmeup

    The design of the app is intended to be functional, beautiful, and lighthearted. Production sets can be stressful places, and finding the right talent isn't easy. So our goal with Staff Me Up was to design an interface that is the opposite of the typical studio or production environment. The design feels airy, easy-to-use, and effective. It's fully responsive because hiring managers are constantly on-the-go or on set.

  • Xale

    Our goal with this site is to create excitement and interest in a new kind of drink. Since XALE is about chilling out, and not getting energy, the site navigates horizontally instead of vertically and focuses on the ingredients and the brand.